December Morrisons delivery

Morrisons (along with Ocado) allow you to put items in the basket and lock the price. I have been building up an order for the last few months each time a mispriced item pops up. Only shame is that some items are clearence and were out of stock by the time I ordered, but still I managed to get some good deals.

The cheese and onion quiches should have been £1 but were put up at 1p. This was a lucky find since it was not a price drop but an introductory price. They are small and freezable so I got 20 of them.

Lamb kofta skewers are still available at 75p, down from £3. Again, it is easy quick lunch stuff that is practically free.

Canderel refill packs are normally about £5 for the 500 pack.  These were on at two packs for 50p.

Cillit bang sprays rarely drop below £2. They popped down to 81p each. The local water is very hard, so this stuff (and Viakal) is always on my items to look out for. Both are normally a bit pricey but they don’t do off, so it is just a matter of storage.

Giant pineapple (cat for scale), were 50p rather than £2.47, and Wonky veg boxes were £1 (instead of £3) as an introductory offer, even if you complete the order months later.

Overall the total charge was £66.91 with £113.35 of savings, not including the many price reductions.

Product age

I found that some retailers will introduce a new product at an astronomical price and then reduce it substantiallyafter a few days to make it look highly discounted. By default now products that are younger than 60 days will not be shown in the deals. You can filter by the age of the product using the new bar.Hopefully this will filter out the rubbish deals. If you want to crawl through the ones that have been filtered out, simply set the minimum date to 0 and the maximum to 60.

Homepage and Monetization


You may have noticed a little home button next to the search at at the top. This now allows you to set which page is your homepage. After clicking it(which should turn it green), going to the homepage should redirect you to the current search.


For the last couple months we have been running with Skimlinks which allows us to get commission for each sale made through the website. It should be completely transparent and if you have issues please contact me and I will investigate. I also tested Viglink and we have that option if we have issues. Last week I received our first commission cheque. It was for £13.33 for the month. I have been paying for the hosting but the site is producing money, I will use the first £3 each month to pay for the server we rent. The remainder will go to the charity of choice of a random active member. I have emailed this month’s “winner” and will update once they reply with their choice.

Update: Thanks to Rodrigo Bezerra for his contributions to the site. He could not come up with a charity so the money was donated to Unicef as a suitable default.

November Deals

Wahl Cordless Colour Pro Hair Clippers

Managed to get 10 of these. Boots will accept orders and then send you an email a couple hours later to tell you the item is out of stock, so you have to be quick. A couple people I know didn’t manage to get any. There was only about an hour before they sold out. I paid £1.65 each . They look pretty good quality and were selling at £23 before. Even come with a little carry bag and accessories.

October Deals

Waitrose Armagnac 

I haven’t posted any finds for a while so here is a new one. Waitrose Armaniac for 50p a bottle. Ocado, just like Morrisons, allows you to put items in the basket and keeps the price until you checkout, even if the item price has changed. I put 20 bottles in, and even though someone posted the deal on hotukdeals, I simply waited a week before they were back in stock.

Users and Karma

You may have noticed some changes recently on dealferret. You can now register and log in on the site. I realize this may be unpopular for some people, but what I would like to do is recognize and reward the loyal users and the ones who keep coming back and the ones who spread the word.

I completely understand why users want to keep this site to themselves as telling others will bring competition. But let me tell you the advantages of bringing your friends on here. I can’t use up all my dishwasher tablets. I am currently giving them away as gifts whenever I go round a friend’s house as they are worth very little to me. At the same time I am bound to miss some deals and I have friends who catch them and share the spoils.


To thank the users to tell others, we now have karma. Karma allows you to see deals before anyone else. Visiting the site and looking at the products will give you a little karma, but the best way of getting more is to spread the word. Check out your karma page for details.

If you had a good ferret win, take some photos, show what you managed to find, post it on your facebook, twitter, myspace, frugal fan forum. Get others to earn karma for you and get to those early deals.

June deals

SanDisk microSD Memory Cards

These were massive 256GB memory SDXC top of the range cards. John Lewis were selling them at £299 just a week earlier, but they are available a little over £100 elsewhere. Managed to get the last 11 at £19.99 each. I am selling them on ebay at the moment for £99. After the one card tax for a friend, ebay and paypal fees and postage, I should still have made a few hundred pounds (which is nice).



Colman’s packet sauces

Coq au Vin and Pork Casarole packet sauces. Normally 50-80p each but Morrisons were getting rid of these along with some spices. These were going for 15p each, they don’t go off and don’t take up too much space.

Aside from these two, I didn’t manage to get much this month. On the other hand I have been working on the site and improving some search and tagging elements. I have some ideas for the next set of changes.