Users and Karma

You may have noticed some changes recently on dealferret. You can now register and log in on the site. I realize this may be unpopular for some people, but what I would like to do is recognize and reward the loyal users and the ones who keep coming back and the ones who spread the word.

I completely understand why users want to keep this site to themselves as telling others will bring competition. But let me tell you the advantages of bringing your friends on here. I can’t use up all my dishwasher tablets. I am currently giving them away as gifts whenever I go round a friend’s house as they are worth very little to me. At the same time I am bound to miss some deals and I have friends who catch them and share the spoils.


To thank the users to tell others, we now have karma. Karma allows you to see deals before anyone else. Visiting the site and looking at the products will give you a little karma, but the best way of getting more is to spread the word. Check out your karma page for details.

If you had a good ferret win, take some photos, show what you managed to find, post it on your facebook, twitter, myspace, frugal fan forum. Get others to earn karma for you and get to those early deals.

June deals

SanDisk microSD Memory Cards

These were massive 256GB memory SDXC top of the range cards. John Lewis were selling them at £299 just a week earlier, but they are available a little over £100 elsewhere. Managed to get the last 11 at £19.99 each. I am selling them on ebay at the moment for £99. After the one card tax for a friend, ebay and paypal fees and postage, I should still have made a few hundred pounds (which is nice).



Colman’s packet sauces

Coq au Vin and Pork Casarole packet sauces. Normally 50-80p each but Morrisons were getting rid of these along with some spices. These were going for 15p each, they don’t go off and don’t take up too much space.

Aside from these two, I didn’t manage to get much this month. On the other hand I have been working on the site and improving some search and tagging elements. I have some ideas for the next set of changes.

Mid May deals

Finish dishwasher tablets and Carex hand soap

The Finish Quantum Max 64 packs and Powerball 80 packs fluctuate between £10 and £20. At Morrisons they were 2 for £3. As usual the limit is 20 per order so I did two separate orders. There is no first order bonus with Morrisons, but you get a nice gingerbread man. I also managed to get Carex hand wash for 10p a bottle, which I added to an order months ago when it was at that price but didn’t complete the order. So long as it remains in your basket, you can still get it at the price when you complete. About £370 saved on each order which was a short lived record.


Manfrotto tripods and monopods

Originally Currys were selling these for £130 but you could find them at about £70. Currys does £1 end of line clearances but you have to be very quick. I picked up 5 of each for £10.

The shed is getting progressively fuller and I am trying to give away stuff to make space.

BillyOh Hampton Folding Chairs

This win is from a friend (Luke) who managed spot a that the set of 4, 6 and 8 chairs was down to £50 (which should have been the price for a single pair) at TESCO Direct. He managed to get a set of 8 including free delivery before the prices were corrected.


April deals

I thought I would share the dealferret successes I have managed to get during April.

Bottles of Badger beer     

Ocado has a 3 for £5 on all real ales. They included the offer on the 6 packs. You can’t buy more than 20 packs so I picked up 18 packs (hast be multiples of 3 for the offer) which is 108 bottles. £30 minus 25%

for first time order makes it just under 21p a bottle.

Barry M nail polish sets

These should be £100 each, but were in Boots in the 2 for £7

offer that the individual bottles were on. I think there are 30 bottles per box. Managed to get a pair on click and collect. Ordered another pair to be delivered but they ran out/noticed by then. Decent enough Christmas present for someone.

Felix doubly delicious 44 packs

Ocado again. Were put on the 2 for £7 offer with the 12 pack versions. Managed to get 20 boxes (that’s 880 packets!). I saved over £250 on that order which is a personal record. It is a slight upgrade from the “Good as it looks” version my cats normally eat. I converted my “shed” to be just bulk buy storage shelves, unfortunately it is already getting full.