March update

This month’s winner was papalix and £17.65 went to Friends of the Elderly.

Meanwhile, I have been stocking up on wine. You may notice the little vivino buttons, on wine product pages, which will take you to the review of the wine. Some may be incorrect because determining the review is automatic. There have been a couple very good deals recently. First there was Barkan Classic Malbec Wine at £2.29 a bottle down from £10.25. Having tasted it, it tastes like a very good £9 wine. I have 20 and will get more next Ocado order. There was also Badgers Creek Shiraz Cabernet also at £2.29. Somewhat more average £5 wine, but still good enough for the price. Probably won’t get another 20 bottles though. Fragoso Chardonnay at £1.57 a bottle was an exceptional deal. It is a very good wine also probably around the £9 mark as well. I have 36 bottles of that one.

I also constructed one of these Vegepod Vegetable Garden Kits. Not really worth the £200 original price, but a steal at £5.90 from Homebase. Homebase have a disconnect between the checkout tills and the website. Often it will still state the original price at the till. You have to show the sales staff the site and they will check the system, get the OK from a manager and charge the website price.

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